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Yogyakarta is located in the the island of java, Indonesia. Yogyakarta is famous by the heritage area, also known as an education city.There are a lot of schools and universities there in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is a kingdom city, lead by governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. As a kingdom / monarchy city, many of heritage architectural buildings can be found here, like vernacular buildings such as keraton Jogja, the Aloon-aloon (south and north), a Tugu landmark, Lempuyangan Train Station, also with the classic colonial style buildings like Bank Indonesia Yogyakarta building, or postal office building, everything has been built at the colonial era.

Culinary service in Yogyakarta
, jogja, sometimes called yogja, also well know by the traditional foods, like bakmi kadin, gudeg, bakpia, urap, burung dara goreng (fried pigeon food), pecel, and more of Indonesian traditional foods and snacks. The culinary service there also magnificient, We can find lots of variety of foods there, in the traditional market place, such as pasar Beringharjo (traditional market), to the luxurious restaurants like Omah Dhuwur, Dixie, Sagan resto, Gabah resto, Adem Ayem family restaurant, Legian Garden restaurant, Bale Raos, Gudeg bu Tjitro, Indraloka garden resto, Pastello, Pesta Perak restaurant, Trubus restaurant, and more.
Place to visit in Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is also the center point to reach the next tourist destinations, like Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple where we can see the traditional dancer of Ramayana there, Mendut temple, Ratu Boko temple, or going to visit the water recreations like Parangtritis beach (known by legendary mystical story of Nyai Roro Kidul, the leader / queen of south sea), Kukup beach or Baron beach.
There are a lot of interesting places to visit here in Yogyakarta,
such as Malioboro market place, Taman Sari the Royal Heritage bathing place, keraton The Palace of Sultan, handcrafting accessories comes from silver, bronze and clay also can be found in kotagede or Malioboro, in the traditional market here. Visiting Kaliurang and Mt. Merapi Volcano also recommended.
Nightlife in Yogyakarta
The most interesting place to visit at night in Yogyakarta such as Open Air Theatre, West of Prambanan Temple, The Story of Ramayana, Nighttime Puppets: Wayang Golek, Papillon, Along Malioboro street, Angkringan Tugu, Hugo’s CafĂ© Jogjakarta, and Junction Nightclub.
Accommodation in Yogyakarta
After all, Yogyakarta city government also prepare the tourist accommodation well, one of them with Yogyakarta never ending Asia- program, like Semarang, Bali, Bandung and Lombok which also known by their culture, the art, and their creative people. Yogyakarta can be reach from Jakarta by train for about 8 hours away. Yogyakarta can also be reach with the plane, from Jakarta and Bali. There are several national airlines here, like Garuda Indonesia Airlines, Lion Air or Merpati airlines, can be book from the Adisutjipto international Airport of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta can also be reach by car or shuttle bus like Joglosemar bus, from other cities, like Surakarta ( Solo ), or Semarang.
Because Yogyakarta is a tourism city, there a lot of diverse range of hotel accommodations you can choose to stay here in Yogyakarta, from deluxe five-star resort properties to simple home-stays, such as
Amanjiwo, Grand Aston Jogjakarta, Grand Aston Yogyakarta-Indonesian Translation, Hyatt Hotel Jogjakarta, Menoreh Hills Yogyakarta, Losari Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa, Saphir Hotel, Novotel Yogyakarta, Phoenix Yogyakarta (also known with name: Mercure Hotel Yogyakarta), Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta (sultan Palace Yogya), Ambarukmo Palace Hotel Yogyakarta, Inna Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta, Ibis Hotel Yogyakarta, Santika Hotel Yogyakarta, Quality Hotel Yogyakarta, The Cangkringan Yogya Spa and Villa, to the cheapest hotels like Borobudur Hotel Yogyakarta, Rumah Mertua Hotel, Matahari Hotel Yogya, Hotel Bifa, Hotel Cristalit, Delta Homestay, Duta Garden Hotel, Duta Guest House, Fortuna Guest House Yogyakarta, Hotel Kirana, Prawirotaman, Kombokarno Hotel, Hotel Kristina, Hotel Kusuma, Indraloka Homestay Yogyakarta, Manohara Hotel, Metro Guest House, Hotel Peti Mas, Hotel Ruba Graha, Villa Mawar Asri, Wisma Ary's, Jogja, Wisma Martha, Rumah Eyang Guesthouse, and Wisma Nendra. A lot of home-stays also can be found in here. This trip will be an unforgetable memory after all.
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