Semarang the beauty of Asia

Semarang is the capital city of Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. It is located in the center of the island of java. Semarang is famous by the heritage area, the old town ( kota lama ) area Semarang. Many of classic architectural colonial buildings can be found here, like the most mysterious building Lawang Sewu, Gereja Blendoek (Blendoek Church), Tawang Train Station, Dr. Kariyadi Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, everything has been built at the colonial era. Semarang also well know by the traditional foods, like wingko babat, bandeng presto, bakpia and lumpia. The culinary service there also magnificient, We can find lots of variety of foods there, from the traditional market, pasar Semawis, located in Chinatown area (Pecinan), to the luxurious restaurants like Shabu House, Kampung Laut, and more. Semarang is also can be the center point to reach the next tourist destinations, like Agro Tlogo, Salatiga, Bandungan agro tourism, or Candi Gedong Songo.
After all, Semarang City government also prepare the tourist accomodation well, one of them with SPA-Semarang Pesona Asia- program, like Bali, Bandung and Lombok which also known by their culture, the art, and their creative people. Semarang can be reach from Jakarta by train for about 8 hours away. Semarang can also be reach with the plane, from Jakarta and Bali. There are several national airlines here, like Garuda Indonesia Airlines, Lion Air or Merpati airlines. Semarang can also be reach by car or shuttle bus, from other cities, like Surakarta ( Solo ), or Yogyakarta. Because Semarang is one of the business district, there a lot of diverse range of hotel accommodations you can choose to stay here in Semarang, from deluxe five-star resort properties to simple home-stays, such as Hotel Ciputra Semarang-Swiss Bellhotel Group, Horizon Hotel Semarang, Gumaya Hotel, Novotel Semarang, Patra Jasa Hotel Semarang, Grand Candi Hotel Semarang, Hotel Graha Santika Semarang, Plaza Hotel, Metro Hotel, and more, from the traditional to modern space designs. This trip will be our unforgetable memory after all.
So, what do you wait for? Find some of the best offering tours and travels deals to Semarang, the beauty of asia, find out the fare and rate, some of them including the plane tickets or train. Me, dedicated to my beloved Semarang city.

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