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Bored stiff with your hectic work environment? Try to search for a nice vacation trip? or, are you a new married couple who planning for a honeymoon? Hmm, why don't you go to Bali. Bali is an exotic heaven like island located in Indonesia country, which known and famous by it's beautiful. there are a lot of tourist attraction there, from it is beautiful sunshine, white sand across the beach, the smell of the fresh air, the beautiful of the art and myth like traditional buildings, god and goddess statues.
After all, Bali government also prepare the tourist accommodation well. Bali also known by it's culture, the Kecak and Pendet traditional Bali dance, and more. There are a lot of hotels and housing to stay there, from which you can choose between the cheapest to the most expensive, from the traditional to modern space designs. This trip will become your unforgettable memory after all.
Enjoy the beautiful under water scenery coral reef and sea creature of Raja Ampat, located in Papua. Travel to Yogyakarta to see the Ramayana Dance, hinduism dance performed in Prambanan Temple, just about 30 minutes from Yogyakarta.
So, what do you wait for? Find some of the best offering tours and travels deals to Bali, Indonesia, find out the fare and rate, some of them including the plane tickets. Even if you are single, maybe you can find the cute girls or handsome local guys walking around there, have a chat, get intimate, date, and, who knows what will be happen next.....

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